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Venus Watch

Saturday April 14th at 7:30pm (was 8:30pm but we're going to start in daylight now!)

in AI Headquarters Blanchardstown (Map)


Astronomy Ireland will set up some of the most powerful telescopes in Ireland to show the general public the brilliant planet Venus which is at its very best in Evening skies during April and May.

This 'Venus Watch' will also highlight the Evening Classes being organised by the society for the general public on April 17th - see

Sunset is at 8:25pm but our telescopes are so good that they can find Venus in broad daylight! So the event starts before sunset i.e. 7:30pm which is when the best views will be had so don't be late.

Venus is the Earth's twin in size, but not in nature, with surface temperatures of nearly 500 degrees Celsius! It is totally covered in clouds so you will see a brilliant disk in the giant telescopes.

Venus is the planet that come closest to Earth and as the twilight fades it will be the first 'star' you will see at this Venus Watch as it outshines all the real stars in the sky.

Please tell all your friends and get them to come along and view Venus up close through telescopes thousands of times more powerful than your eyes.

This is a free event but donations (5euro suggested) are greatly appreciated - or buy a copy of the society's magazine "Astronomy Ireland" for 5euro to support Astronomy Ireland which is a non-profit society run by volunteers, and now the most popular such society in the world with thousands of members nationwide.

BEGINNERS are invited to join Astronomy Ireland at present in particular.

You can do so at the event or online right now at   ALL WELCOME - please tell all your friends to come along to such an incredible event.