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Astronomy Classes:
Understanding the Universe

Classes will begin TUESDAY June 11th 2019 AT 7:30pm


Astronomy Evening Classes June 2019
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"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars," said a clever Oscar Wilde. An astronomy night course can help you make sense of what you see when you look up at the night sky...

Astronomy is as old as human life itself. From the time our knuckles first brushed the forest floors, we have looked to the night sky and wondered. The earliest dedicated astronomers were priests, who observed the skies in an attempt to predict the future and divine the reasons for earthly events. They were often wrong, and perpetuated the idea that the Earth was the centre of the universe and never moved.

Course Details
'Understanding the Universe' is a new set of classes developed by Astronomy Ireland to help stargazers and astronomy enthusiasts understand how the Universe works. Students will learn about modern observing techniques, how radio telescopes work, modern cosmology, star formation and structure, space exploration, and more!.

The course style is informal and questions are very much encouraged throughout the course.

The course will take place in Trinity College Dublin.

There will be eight classes in total with a duration 2 hours; 7:30 to 9:30 including a 15 minute break. The first class is on June 11th 2019 and registration will take place at 7:00pm before the first class begins.



Practical Astrophotography

This is a class with an emphasis on the practical side: It includes options on various budgets, photography with compact, SLR and CCD cameras, talk about integration times, image processsing, saturation and more besides.


Beyond the Visible

Modern astronomy uses far more varieties of light than the narrow visible band our eyes are sensitive to. From Gamma Rays to Radio Waves, there is far more out there, if we know how to look. This class discusses the techniques used to observe this invisible universe.


Minor Bodies of the Solar System

There are many more things in the solar system than the Sun and Eight planets. Many of these form some of the spectacular comet and metor shows we enjoy watching Some of these bodies even come near earth, and have the potential to be dangerous! This class discusses these, and how we might protect ourselves from this threat.


Modern Cosmology

An in-depth look at modern cosmology and the formation and expansion of the Universe.


Star Formation and Structure

A detailed look at how stars live and die, and the processes that drive them.


Exploration of Space

Past, present, and future of manned and unmanned space flight. This class discusses the history of manned space flight, and the limitation imposed by the so-called "tyranny of rockets".


The Scales of the Universe: Measurements in Astronomy

A lot of the time, some very big measurements, often in unusual units are used in astronomy, and they commonly mean very little to the common listener. This class explains these, while trying to give the listener a sense of how we can possibly know this sort of thing.


Limits on Our Understanding

It is said that one of the wisest things you can say is "I don't know." This class discusses the limits that exist on our understanding of the universe, and how some, but not all of these, can be expanded. Diffraction-limited imaging, detections from faint sources and the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle in quantum mechanics are discussed here.


Course Requirements

A pen and paper is all that you need to bring along to the course, but if you have a scientific calculator, please do bring it along too.


Booking Details


  • Members €135

  • Non Members €195 (includes subscription to Astronomy Ireland magazine)

  • (Parent/Guardian & Child Package: If your child has an interest in astronomy and you have to attend with them because they are under 16 there is a highly reduced rate available. Please call for further details or email


Courses should be booked in advance please.

There will be 8 classes in total with a duration 2 hours; 7:30pm to 9:30pm including a 15 minute break. Registration is on June 11th and will take place at 7:00pm before the first class begins, with a second registration night at the second class for those who miss the first night. But you must book your place first (see below) and then go along on the first night.



Astronomy Evening Classes June 2019
Phone Number
Enter Name of Class Person

Trinity College: Fitzgerald Building (map of campus)

You can get to the Fitzgerald building a number of ways apart from the College Green entrance. There is an entrance on Lincoln Place (not far from the Merrion Square end of TCD). If you get the DART or bus to Pearse St, or drive (free parking on Pearse St from 7pm) then use the Science Gallery entrance on Pearse Street (near the corner with Westland Row) There is a map  HERE

You can also pay by Laser or credit card by calling (086) 06 46 555 Monday to Saturday until 5:30pm. Any enquiries regarding the classes should be sent to


Post a cheque/postal order/bank draft giving the date of the course you wish to attend (e.g. "October 2016") and your contact details to Astronomy Ireland, P.O. Box 2888, Dublin 5.

N.B. OTHER AREAS will be added in the coming months so let us know where you are so we can consider YOUR area. Please email giving your name, address and how far you can travel to a Class. We will add you to our mailing list and let you know when a Class is organised for your area.


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