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Star-B-Q 2020

A Barbecue Under the Stars
for Everyone in Ireland North & South

Given the recent guidance issued by the Irish Government on Covid 19 we are postponing Star-B-Q 2020 until October 10th. Please email sbq@astronomy.ie  if you would be interested in coming along on that date.

Saturday 10th October 2020 - Gates open at 5pm and event starts at 6pm

*Strictly no dogs allowed*

No knowledge of science or astronomy is required to attend the event.
It is ideal for beginners, family, budding astronomers, everyone!

Book Now!

Please Note: We do not post out tickets.
Please bring along your confirmation with you as your E-Ticket

*Please note tickets can not be refunded*


Booking Temporarily Suspended
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'Star-B-Q' is Ireland's biggest annual TELESCOPE FESTIVAL for the general public (and Astronomy Ireland's biggest annual fundraiser.)

LARGE TELESCOPES: You will get to see the WONDERS OF THE UNIVERSE from the dark skies of Roundwood in Co. Wicklow, Ireland's highest village, with some of the most powerful telescopes in Ireland!
(This is an event unique to Ireland, visitors from abroad are welcome too!)

Click on images to enlarge

BARBECUE: A professionally catered barbecue will be served up earlier on in the evening. You can enjoy some fantastic barbecued food (vegetarian option available - let us know by saying so in the comments box when you book) with side salads and soft drinks.

GREAT TALKS: There are also TALKS (aimed at the public, no knowledge of science needed).

LOTS TO SEE IN THE HALL: display, trade stands, advice, magazine.

LOTS TO SEE IN VERY DARK SKIES: learn the constellations when pointed out with Ireland's most powerful hand-held laser (40km beam!), binocular classes (also with the laser.)

Gates open at 5pm, and the event starts at 6pm.




Take a look at this photo from a dark sky site like Roundwood which is hopefully what you will see in the telescope when one year we had a comet on view! here


3 Amazing Talks on the night

"The Universe"

by David Moore, a mini-version of his one-man stage-show "UNIVERSE" that sold out theatres across Ireland last year. David Moore is Ireland's best known astronomer regularly broadcasting on TV and radio. He also edits our monthly magazine "Astronomy Ireland". He also writes the Sky Diary pages - the best guid to what to see in Irish skies - make sure you pick up a copy every month!

(More to be confirmed)

Click this image to enlarge:

Photo: Star-B-Qers gather to watch a 'rocket launch' that opened Star-B-Q last year.

"Clear Sky Guarantee"

Even if it is not clear on the night the event will go ahead with talks, barbecue, displays, stands, and telescopes on display indoors. However, we will also set up the giant telescope on the following Friday or Saturday nights (when a clear sky is forecast). This way we can GUARANTEE you a view of the wonders of the universe! So keep the following weekend(s) free to be certain of a view of the universe that very few people in the world will ever get.
There is no way we are going to let the Irish weather deny you a view of the wonders of the universe and we have always given Star-B-Qers the views we promised every year since 1992, so YOU WILL see the Wonders of the Universe - WE GUARANTEE IT!

Some of the sights you will see at the Star-B-Q include:


What You Will See

These distant cities of stars have fascinated astronomers since they were first discovered, and can contain trillions of stars.

Giant groups of young stars and old stars, and some with millions of stars.

Dying stars
The glowing embers of giant dead stars dotted throughout the galaxy.

See Saturn (amazing rings!), Jupiter (Great Red Spot AND moons!), Uranus and Neptune this year!
Maybe even a comet!

Jupiter and Saturn will be very close in the sky that night as if to herald the fact that Astronomy Ireland is officially 30 years old just a few weeks before that date! Here's a starmap showing the sky just as it gets dark (end of nautical twilight) at 9:04pm 10-October-2020 HERE

Star-B-Q: "The Movie"
A film by Anthony Murphy 2008
A great little fast-paced movie. Highly recommended (only 4 minutes)



Book Now!

Please Note: We do not post out tickets. Your name will be on our list at the gate when you check-in. Tickets from 29euro/39euro (child/adult) include all food, talks, telescope use and non-alcoholic drinks (Tickets at the gate on the night are strictly 50euro each, so please avail of big savings when you book in advance).

*Please note tickets can not be refunded*

Booking Temporarily Suspended
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Enter Phone Number

On the night:

  • Professionally catered food by a leading caterer (vegetarian option available - let us know by saying so in the comments box when you book)
  • Powerful Telescopes in an amazingly dark sky deep in the Wicklow mountains easily accessible by road
  • See the Wonders of the Universe
  • Three Amazing Talks (30-40minutes each)
  • Live Rocket Launch to start the event!
  • Trade stands (telescopes, Binoculars, posters, caendars, etc), Art Exhibition, books, magazines, and more to see in the main hall
  • Night sky guide with Ireland's most powerful hand-held laser (40km beam!)
  • Binocular masterclass: bring yours, and we'll show you the secrets of the sky with a special laser show!
  • Learn the constellations
  • Advice Stand - questions answered, bring your telescope & we'll show you how to use it!
  • Clear Sky Guarantee!
  • Door prizes
  • Family Friendly - ALL WELCOME from the 32 counties and abroad
  • Ireland's Biggest Annual Star Party!!!
  • Copy & paste this to all your friends as it's only possible to mount such a huge event once a year!
  • Give them the simple link: www.astronomy.ie/sbq

Book your tickets now!

Tickets are only:

  • Adult tickets: €39
  • Child tickets: €29 for under-16s
  • Family rates are: full price ticket for two adults and first child (€39+€39+€29), €20 per child thereafter ( call (086) 06 46 555)

Note that ticket prices at the gate on the night are €50 per person, so be sure to book your ticket in advance.

Alternatively, call (086) 06 46 555 with your credit card details

Gates open at 5pm and the event begins at 6pm. Please Note: We do not post out tickets. Please bring along your confirmation with you on the night as your E-Ticket.


Weather and Clear Skies
Star-B-Q 2020 goes ahead regardless of weather on Saturday 10th October. If the sky is overcast on the night, a separate, telescope-only event will be organized for the following weekend, where you will still get to see the wonders of the universe!

The night is packed full of events to ensure that everyone has a great time, and we even have a number of backup talks and presentations planned in case the weather stops us seeing the sky.

Public Transport and Accommodation:
The Star-B-Q will take place at coordinates: N: 53.060, W: 6.230 (the green arrow below).

How to Get There
The GAA grounds are located just a couple of hundred metres outside Roundwood village on the R755. You can view a map of Roundwood below, with a guide on how to get to the GAA grounds.

View Larger Map

Taxis can be used to get you to or from the Star-B-Q. Alternatively St. Kevin's Bus service goes from opposite the Mansion House on Dawson St. to Roundwood. Fares and times are listed on their website.

There are a number of B&Bs in the area, and we recommend Roundwood Caravan and Camping Park for your overnight stay with tents, motorhomes, and caravans. Phone or email them at (01) 281 8163 or info@dublinwicklowcamping.com

All enquiries about bookings to office@astronomy.ie








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