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Partial Lunar Eclipse Watch 2019
Tuesday July 16th



Eclipse Fun for all the Family

What:                   Partial Lunar Eclipse
Where:                 Astronomy Ireland Headquarters (off M50 just outside Dublin - easy access from all Ireland)
When:                  9:30pm - 11:59pm on Tuesday 16th of July 2019
Cost:                    FREE & no booking required.

On July 16th we are setting up some of Ireland's most powerful telescopes to show you the Moon as it is eclipsed.

This is also the first of our two major events to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the first Moon Landing by Irishman Neil Armstrong (did you know he was Irish? He told us this himself. See magazine below).

(The second event will be Ireland's biggest annual 'star party' called "Star-B-Q" which everyone in Ireland is invited to attend - see link on our homepage and book tickets for nearly half price with 'early bird' offer that ends July 24th! Star-B-Q 2019 will have an Apollo theme with a live rocket launch and talks about Apollo, and the Universe!)

In such powerful telescopes you will not only see the craters on the Moon, but the mountains INSIDE the craters! The Moon has to be one of the most breath-taking views in a telescope. We will also show you Jupiter and Saturn up close like you have never seen them before!

Why not bring all your family and friends as this is a unique chance to look at an incredible object in the kind of large telescopes you may never get to look through again? They'll all enjoy the views, and the talks, and the refreshments!

Nearly two thirds of the Moon will go inside Earth's shadow from Moonrise just before 10pm until midnight, quite a 'deep' eclipse, not to be missed.

This eclipse is the perfect start to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first Apollo Moon Landing as it will occur 50 years to the day that Apollo 11 was launched to the Moon, arriving on July 20.

Eclipse Talk 9:30pm

Our Partial Lunar Eclipse Watch kicks off at 9:30pm with a talk from David Moore on how lunar eclipses gave us the civilisation we have today!
Both the Greek Empire, and The Roman Empire, fell due to Lunar Eclipses, otherwise we might be speaking Greek or Latin today.
Even how the Middle East problem resulted from a lunar eclipse in 1917.

Plus, David will give details of the first Irish man landing on the Moon 50 years ago this month and how proud he was of his Irish ancestry. We interviewed Neil Armstrong in 2003 so come and hear the secrets.



The event will begin at 9:30pm at our Headquarters in Blanchardstown (just off the M50) For map and directions visit:


The event is suitable for all ages, and we encourage families, children and adults to come along.


Will the event go ahead if it is raining?
YES! We plan our events in advance, therefore if it is raining the event will still go ahead. In the event of rain/cloud cover we will show you our telescopes and serve refreshments, PLUS Ireland's best known astronomer David Moore will give a talk and answer all your questions.

Is the event suitable for children?
We welcome children of all ages to our events. FREE refreshments provided. Please note that children MUST be supervised AT ALL TIMES to ensure safety around telescopes and tea/coffee areas.

Do we have to pay?
This is a free event, there is no entrance fee. A small donation is appreciated as we are a non-profit body run by volunteers - or buy a magazine on the night!

If you have questions that are not shown here please contact us at office@astronomy.ie

No tickets or advance booking is needed for this event. But if you are on social media, click the facebook symbol (on the right) and say you're coming - gives us some idea of the crowd size to expect which have varied from 12 to 1200!

A great night guaranteed!!

order  ECLIPSE MAGAZINE  now !!!

(Order before 4pm Monday to get in time for Tuesday's eclipse)

Full details of all the time of the eclipse as seen from Ireland and what to watch out for are in the July issue of our magazine, which also celebrates the First Man on the Moon being Irish, 50 years ago this month.

Grab a copy of the July "Apollo 11 / Eclipse" souvenir issue of Astronomy Ireland magazine by next day delivery now at:


only 5 euro (including postage in 32 counties), or why not take out a monthly subscription for just 5 euro a month at same web page?

Click HERE to see a list of other exciting Astronomy Ireland Events coming soon.

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