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David Moore


David Moore is Ireland's best known astronomer, writing and broadcasting on a regular basis since the 1980s. In 1990 he founded Astronomy Ireland which has grown to become the biggest astronomy society in the world relative to population with nearly 15,000 Irish people joining in its first 25 years.

He is Editor of Astronomy Ireland's magazine Astronomy Ireland Magazine which is published in full colour every month bringing the latest news and discoveries along with everything to see in Irish skies. For many years in the 1990s David presented "Astronomy on The Den" on RTE 2 television, first with Zig & Zag and then with Ray D'Arcy, Dustin and friends. Later he moved to RTE 1 television and presented a monthly slot on "Live at 3" with Derek Davis and Thelma Mansfield.

In 1997 he launched Astronomy & Space magazine on Irish and U.K. news-stands now called Astronomy Ireland magazine and opened Ireland's first Astronomy Shop. David is Chairman of Astronomy Ireland and can often be seen and heard on TV and radio all around Ireland commenting on the latest news stories in astronomy and space.

Buzz Aldrin, second man on the Moon,
talks to David Moore for our magazine.
Bill Cullen, renowned Irish businessman, chats with David Moore about Astronomy Ireland.
Click to enlarge
David Moore with Brian May and Ben Emmett (2007 in Sir Patrick Moore's house in the south of England where BBC were filming the 50th annivrsary episode of The Sky At Night)
Pat Kenny with David Moore in RTE studios
Singer/songwriter Chris de Burgh (who has a great following in Russia), M. Korhev of the Russian Embassy and David Moore, Chairman Astronomy Ireland, attempt to contact the Mir Space Station from Ireland.
Above: RDS in 2004 with Prof. Stephen Hawking and Prof. Kip Thorne(who would later win the 2017 Nobel Prize for Graitational Waves)
ABOVE: the 21-inch 'Millennium Telescope' which was the biggest telescope in Ireland when David built it.
Giving a talk at Star-B-Q (Ireland's Biggest Annual Star Party)

In the early days with Sir Patrick Moore (at an A.I. Sun Show in St. Stephen's Green,Dublin)


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