Moon and Venus Watch

28th March 7PM in AI Headquarters

Blanchardstown (map)


We have decided not to run this public event in the current coronavirus situation but you can still see Venus near the Moon with your naked eye or take a close up look in binoculars if you have them.
We'd love to hear your comments (and your best photo if you have a cameraphone that can show them) for our magazine report.

Venus will remain on view until JUNE and we have a very bright new comet expected in May so we'll have more opportunites to run Watches. Stay tuned to our facebook and twitter accounts for announcement of future Watches as always.

And remember, our magazine is NOT affected by the current situation. Our production team have been remote working for years, our printers assure us they can print the magazines safely, and our enveloping company and An Post have no problem getting magazines to your letterbox.

So there has never been a better time to join Astronomy Ireland read all about Irish astronomy every month while you're under isolation. 

We'll keep you posted so tell your friends to sign up also at and we'll post you the current magazine FREE OF CHARGE and start your 12 issue subscription (only 5euro each incl postage) with the next issue!





While we encourage scout and school groups to come along please call ahead in order to confirm if there are any prior groups arranged to come along. This makes it easier for our volunteers to enable all groups to view these amazing sights.

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