Fireball Report Form


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Location (where you were when you saw it)
Brightness (Brighter than full moon or not)
Colour (if you noticed any)
How long did it last in seconds
Do you know the stars and planets in the sky?
If yes, please give a description of any stars or planets it passed. (Make a drawing now. We may ask you to post/fax/scan+email it later.)
Direction to the end-point of the fireball:
(N,S,E,W, be more specific if you like)
Direction it was travelling relative to horizon:
Draw a little diagram with the horizon at the bottom of the page and draw in the 'streak' as you saw it then describe whether it goes down or up and how much over to the left or right? This one confuses people a lot so hold on to the drawing, we may ask you to post/fax/scan+email it  
How high up was it (at the start, middle and end) relative to the horizon and the overhead point?
For Example:
(it started overhead but ended just above the horizon)


Sometimes the media like to talk to people who have witnessed fireballs.
Are you happy to be contacted by the media?