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Astronomy Ireland Magazine

Astronomy Ireland magazine is our highly regarded monthly magazine, containing the latest news from space and the heavens, as well as articles of enduring interest and a list of the events coming to a sky near you. The magazine is sent out each month to our members, and is also available in newsagents throughout the country and via postal subscription.

We have a huge focus on Irish space stories and Irish involvement in any discoveries. We also feature what to see in Irish skies and report on what Irish people have seen in the skies. So please support the Irish astronomy magazine and join the society.

Use our on-line subscription form to become a member of Astronomy Ireland and receive the magazine each month direct to your door.

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Readers Comments

"Let me start by congratulating you on your top class magazine, the best magazine available in the UK. I am a recent subscriber to A&S and look forward to reading it every month."
- E.W. Horsley, Hartlepool.

"I am writing to you in order to express my opinion on the quality of your magazine. I think it is wonderfully presented and your attention to detail is fantastic."
- Eddie Mc Cann, Ireland.

"I really enjoy the magazine, it is really my only contact with the club. I have seen many objects that I would have missed if the magazine had not forecast them. What a shame you cannot arrange more cloudless skies!"
- Maire Welford, Ireland.

"I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your magazine. It is very informing when it comes to celestial data on all the astronomical bodies, for example, periodic comets, asteroids etc, the pictures in the magazine are always captivating especially the ones taken with the Hubble space telescope."
- James Adamson, Ireland.

Subscribe today and become part of the growing community of Astronomy Ireland readers.

Astronomy Ireland Magazine Team

David Moore BSc FRAS
Production Editor:
Ann Dunne
Design & Production:
Brady Graphic Design.
Ann Dunne / David Moore


Unsolicited editorial manuscripts are welcome. Please request writers guide BEFORE submitting.

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