Irish Astronomical Links

Life in the Universe - Stephen Hawking
Birr Castle - An excellent site by Sean Mc Gibbon
Mythical Ireland - Astronomy in Mythical Ireland - nice site, lots of detail on astronomy and more
Dunsink Observatory
Armagh Observatory
Armagh Planetarium
The NUI Galway Physics Dept has an excellent Gamma-ray Astronomy Group
Sobering Thought - Gain a perspective of the size of the Universe
The Universe - Interesting site by one of our members

Space Telescope Science Institute
Sky Publishing Corp. - publishers of "Sky & Telescope" magazine.
Royal Greenwich Observatory
European Southern Observatory
Astronomy Society of the Pacific
Jet Propulsion Laboratory Homepage
NASA Homepage
ESA Homepage
British Astronomical Association
National Optical Astronomy Observatories (USA)
International Dark Sky Association
International Meteor Organisation
Irish Science Teachers Association
Science Ireland - Ireland's science and technology news, events and information website
The World at Night - An international project showing the night sky over landscapes and World Heritage sites
Events / Predictions
Space Calendar from JPL
Astronomy Picture of the Day
News from the publishers of Sky & Telescope