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Christmas Gifts 2018

CHRISTMAS DAY: You can print or email this CERTIFICATE to your loved one, even on Christmas Day! Then take out the sub online and we'll post the physical magazines each month:

Treat yourself or a loved one this Christmas to something special from Astronomy Ireland. We have something to suit everyone from the beginner to the fully-fledged enthusiast. Sign up now for our January magazine which will cover viewing the Total Eclipse of the Moon visible from Ireland on Jan 20!

Gift Memberships - the gift that keeps on giving!
Membership to Astronomy Ireland includes a year's subscription to our full-colour magazine Astronomy Ireland , which is packed full of the latest astronomy news from Ireland and beyond, and has our every-popular Sky Diary. Why not treat a loved one to membership to Astronomy Ireland to give them the gift that keeps giving all year round!

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Magazine Subscription Cert: HERE


Gift Evening Classes
We are running our popular Astronomy Evening Classes for beginners beginning in January. A brilliant gift for anyone who has a budding interest in Astronomy! During the classes you will learn about the Universe and everything in between! A great gift to look forward to!

Evening Classes January 2019
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Evening Class Cert: HERE

Season Ticket Membership
As well as becoming a member of Astronomy Ireland and receiving our magazine, you can also ensure that your friend doesn't miss any of our monthly lectures with a Season Ticket Membership. With this gift, your friend will have the option of either getting a ticket to each lecture, or a copy of the lecture DVD.

Lecture Season Ticket 2019
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Season Ticket Cert: HERE

Please note that Christmas gift subscription BY POST will only be accepted until Friday, 14 December. This is to ensure your gift reaches you in time for Christmas. BUT YOU CAN EMAIL OR PRINT A PDF GIFT VOUCHER EVEN ON CHRISTMAS DAY!!!




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