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Special Gifts for these Challenging Times!

Want to give someone a truly unique gift? We could all do with some cheering up.

You have come to the right place.

Treat yourself or a loved one to something special from Astronomy Ireland. We have something to suit everyone from the beginner to the fully-fledged enthusiast.


Gift Memberships the gift that keeps on giving!


Membership to Astronomy Ireland includes a year's subscription to our full-colour magazine Astronomy Ireland , which is packed full of the latest astronomy news from Ireland and beyond, and has our every-popular Sky Diary.

Why not treat a loved one to membership to Astronomy Ireland to give them the gift that keeps giving all year round!

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Gift Evening Classes



We are running our ever popular Astronomy Evening Classes for beginners beginning 13th October. A brilliant gift for anyone who has a budding interest in Astronomy!

During the classes you will learn about the Universe and everything in between! A great gift to look forward to! Even better you will be able to enjoy these weekly classes, normally held in Trinity College Dublin, but now in the comfort and safety of your own home on the ZOOM platform 

Classes October 2021
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Omegon Telescope N 150/750 EQ-3   Meade Dobson telescope N 82/300 LightBridge Mini 82 DOB   Omegon Ritchey-Chretien Pro RC 355/2845 Truss OTA  


While we don't sell telescopes ourselves you can buy from our affiliate partners HERE They have a vast selection of great quality telescopes to suit all budgets and needs. Choose from over 2000 different telescopes and binoculars. Whether you would like a reflector or a refractor an equatorial with GoTo functions or a basic dobsonian mount or if you really fancy (and you have the budget) a radio telescope, you will surely find it on this site.

Our own Andrew Langton has an article in the December issue of Astronomy Ireland magazine available from the link above where he gives plenty of expert information to help you make a decision. He has added to it further here: Telescope Advice





Omegon Telemikro USB Camera   Meade Camera Deep Sky Imager DSI IV Mono  Bresser Camera Full HD DeepSky & Guider 1,25  


HERE you will find everything to enable you to take very professional images of night sky objects. It includes USB cameras, adapted DSLR cameras, cooled cameras, adapters and fittings. In fact with over 1,000 different products available you will find all you could ever need whatever your budget.



Books and Media

Springer Book Astrophotography is Easy!   Dorling Kindersley Book The Practical Astronomer   Dover Book The History of the Telescope  


From beginners to advanced, young to old you will find something to suit all on a vast range of Astronomy and Space related subjects. Over 200 books, star-charts, atlases, DVD's and planispheres available to suit all ages!



T Shirts Polos Hoodies Masks Bags Mugs



All sorts of casual wear from our partners Spreadshirt including T shirts, masks, bags, hoodies, jackets, caps and drinking utensils.




Season Ticket Membership

As well as becoming a member of Astronomy Ireland and receiving our magazine, you can also ensure that your friend doesn't miss any of our monthly lectures with a Season Ticket Membership (some or all may be presented on Zoom, depending on circumstances). With this gift, your friend will have the option of either getting a ticket to each lecture, or a copy of the lecture DVD.

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TELESCOPE ADVICE While we no longer supply telescopes you can visit our partners( links above). We also publish the astronomy magazine for Ireland which is full of information to help you. Do not purchase a telescope without first signing up for Astronomy Ireland magazine. For further advice from our own expert Andrew Langton on how to choose the perfect telescope visit HERE.

Click HERE to see a list of other exciting Astronomy Ireland Events coming soon.









telescope at astroshop

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