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Breakfast with a Bear? Lunch with a Lion? Picnic with a panda? Supper
with a shark?
Check out these amazing 3D Animals, bring them into your home.

Make sense of timely topics and find general science support for your
virtual classroom or learning together at home.

Cool science links

Great Big List of Various Cool Places

Check out this page devoted to amazing science for kids and enjoy
awesome experiments, incredible facts, extreme videos and more!

Here's some links recommended by teachers and science related companies.

Science based news and information.

More science based news and information.

Science experiments you can do at home!

Space based game, run your own space programme. Purchase is required but
a free demo is available.

Lots of science based games, purchase required but lots of free demos.

Tons of science based free games, to keep the whole family entertained.
Registration may be required.

Good selection of reads with a short review
Astronomy Books recommended by Astronomy Ireland's Enda Lee

General jokey stuff (Warning may not be to everyone's taste)
If you couldn't laugh you'd cry




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