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Study Astronomy

1. Free email list 
2. Free telescope viewing (usually in Phoenix Park Dublin and dozen locations around Ireland simultaneously - email list will be notified or check his website often).  
3. AI Radio Show - the very latest news and what to see every Tuesday at 8pm - listen live online or get MP3 download at this website (available within 15hours usually) or as a podcast. 

4. Free web casts of the AI lectures on the web page. 

5. Free advice on astronomical equipment and techniques for observing and astrophotography from the shop

6. FREE telephone advice: available to everyone in Ireland about any aspect of astronomy, just call (01) 847 0777 six days a week.

7. FREE ADS in our magazine (members only. Non-members pay a small fee, please call for details)






Free E-Mailing List
The NEW Astronomy Ireland Events Mailing List has now been set up in conjunction with DCUs Redbrick Society and DCUs PhysEng Society. Thanks to both societies for their support.  Mailing List Subscriber Page Sometimes this server is down for maintenance. If it doesn't appear to be working click this mailto.