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Great views were had from most counties in Ireland. Photos and reports are flooding in. If you haven't sent yours yet please email your best photo (please only send one) or a written report of what you saw to for a special pictorial report that we will be doing in the next issue of Astronomy Ireland magazine.


If you subscribe to Astronomy Ireland today we will give you the June magazine (features the article about the Eclipse written by David Moore) and the July issue (featuring all the Eclipse photos from around Ireland) free of charge and so your 12-month subscription won't start until the August issue. We'll even throw in the March, April and May magazines free of charge. So that's 17 magazines for the price of 12! Sign up here today!

RTE, BBC, TV & RADIO: We must have done 100 interviews with the Irish media over the past few days. A selection of radio interviews is here  and some TV is here

NEXT SOLAR ECLIPSE: Next year on October 25th there will be another partial eclipse of the Sun visible from Ireland. This time about half as much of the diameter of the Sun will be covered, so, while not as spectacular as this months eclipse it will be well worth watching and you can still order Eclipse Glasses below.

There are also two eclipses of the Moon visible from Ireland in the next 12 months - November 2021 and May 2022. All eclipses will be covered well in advance in our magazine, yet another reason to subscribe today!





Partial Solar Eclipse


10am to 12:30pm June 10th

Visible all over Ireland from 8am-11am.  


Eclipse Glasses can be collected in person on Wednesday June 9th 9am-5pm and Thursday June 10th from 9am onwards.

If your post arrives early on Thursday you may want to risk placing an order before 12 noon on Wednesday June 9 however we cannot guarantee delivery before noon on Thursday and we cannot refund in the event of a late delivery. An Post claims most items are delivered next day but obviously we cannot 100% guarantee this. If you are happy to place your order on these terms please do so BELOW



On Thursday morning June 10th an Annular Solar Eclipse takes place on Earth. This occurs when the Moon passes in front of the Sun but the Moon is not close enough to Earth to entirely cover the Sun and cause a Total Eclipse of the Sun (when day turns to night for a few minutes making what many have called the most spectacular sight in nature.) In an Annular eclipse there is still a bright ring ("annulus") of light around the darkened Moon. The Sun's corona is not visible during an annular eclipse.

The good news is that from Ireland we get a fairly decent Partial Eclipse of the Sun as it will occur high in the sky, about 50 degrees up in the southeast at maximum (mid) eclipse.

From the centre of Ireland (53 North, 8 West) the mid eclipse is at 11:06am Irish Summer Time. It begins with the first 'bite' being taken out of the Sun at 9:58am (when the Sun is still over 40 degrees up in the East). The eclipse ends at 12:19pm with the Sun 57 degrees up in the southeast. Times will vary around the country but only by a few minutes

Given the Irish weather it is important to note that you can see the eclipse from rough 10am to 12:20pm - that's over 2 hours. So, especially if the weather forecast on the day is not great, plan to view the whole event in the hope of seeing something if only through a tiny break in the clouds - this is what happened to me at the previous Irish partial eclipse back in March 2015.

There will be a special edition of the magazine with ALL the eclipse photos we received AND we will send it free if you want to join and start your subscription with the issue after that!!!

Buy the eclipse issue today or sign up for a full year for even more savings HERE

Full guide written by ireland's best know astronomer David Moore


Of course it can be highly dangerous to view the Sun and a partially eclipsed Sun is just as dangerous - perhaps more so as people will be drawn to looking at it. NEVER look at the Sun with ANY optical aid (binoculars or telescopes) as permanent eye damage can happen instantly. It is not even safe to look at the Sun with just the naked eye and even several pairs of sunglasses should not be used.

We still have a few pairs of eclipse left over from previous eclipses for sale and they are EU certified safe for solar viewing (If you have a pair of eclipse glasses make sure they have the EU certification).

Glasses are €5 to members, €10 to non-members + €5 postage.

You should keep these glasses after the eclipse for viewing giant 'naked eye' sunspots that appear from time to time (especially with a new solar maximum on its way). DO NOT look through binoculars or telescopes while wearing eclipse glasses as they give way too bright an image and may even damage the glasses and your eyesight too.

This offer is for 32 counties of Ireland only

Call or email for delivery charge to britain and beyond....

For payments made after Saturday unfortunately we cannot guarantee delivery. 

Or online here via Credit/Debit Card or Paypal Account

Solar Eclipse Glasses

All orders for the Eclipse Glasses will include the June ('eclipse') issue of our magazine worth €5.95 and also if you join you will get the July (eclipse report) issue as well (also worth €5.95). So join now and get both issues (we'll even email you the eclipse article immediately so you can read it in time for the eclipse)
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