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Astronomy Ireland Events 2020

Please see below for for a list of Astronomy Ireland Events Calendar for 2020
Astronomy Ireland tries to make all of its events a national affair as the majority of our members live outside Dublin - something we cherish. So all lectures in Dublin are made available on DVD for everyone in Ireland (you can "BOOK TICKETS" or "ORDER DVD" if you can't get to Dublin).
Similarly the 'Watches' we are famous for running are held in several events around Ireland - if you have a telescope and want to set it up in your area in association with one of our 'Watches' please email admin@astronomy.ie.

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January 2020

January 13th
New Year Lecture

Life on Mars(ish)

By Dr. Niamh Shaw, CIT Blackrock Observatory Cork


January 29th
Christmas Telescope Watch

Venue:AI HQ in Blanchardstown

If you have bought a telescope over Christmas or any other time then this is for you

February 2020

February 5
Our popular Evening Classes start nationwide

Venues: Trinity College Dublin. Other venues TBA

Book early as previous classes have been oversubscribed.
February 10th
Public Lecture


"The search for Earth-2 and how on Earth do we get there once we find it"

By Laurence O'Rourke ESA Madrid.


February 29th
Public Watch


Public Venus Moon Watch

In AI Headquarters Blanchardstown.



March 2020

March 9th
Public Lecture


"Investigating the Atmospheres of Alien Worlds"

By Dr. Ernst DeMooij, Astrophysics Research Centre, QUB.


March 28th
Public Watch


Public Venus and Moon Watch

In AI Headquarters Blanchardstown.



April 2020

April 6th
Public Lecture


China: space stations, the Moon and Mars.

by Brian Harvey Space Author and Broadcaster.


May 2020

May 11th
Public Lecture


"Black Holes: the Cosmic Delete Button?"

By Dr Peter Taylor, Assistant Professor,

Centre for Astrophysics and Relativity, DCU.


June 2020

June 8th
Public Lecture


"After Apollo 11 : the Story Continues...?"

By Paul Evans


July 2020

July 13th
Public Lecture



By Laura Murphy, School of Physics, TCD




August 2020

August 10th
Public Lecture



By Mike Foylan of Cherryvalley Observatory


August 12th
Public Watch


The Perseids Meteor Shower

Help us by counting what you see!



September 2020

September 12
Star-B-Q 2020



Ireland's Biggest Annual Star Party!

Book early at a reduced rate

September 14th
Public Lecture


"Old Irish and its relevance to Science and Astronomy"

by Professor David Stifter, Maynooth University





October 2020

October 6th
Beginners Astronomy Classes


Our ever popular Beginners Evening Classes start

Enrol Now!!

October 12th
Public Lecture


"Exploration of the gas giant planets"

By Dr Caitriona Jackman, DIAS.



November 2020

November 9th
Public Lecture


"How to Photograph a Black Hole"

By Andy Briggs, Girona, Spain.






December 2020

December 13
Public Watch


Geminid Meteor Shower

December 14th
Public Lecture